In-depth Week 12

We are concluding month three of our five month long term in-depth project.  This post will be rather short as three other talons leadership 11 learners and I are hosting a garage sale for building a schoool in Ecuador tomorrow and I am supervising a bike trip on Sunday for the talons program as well. 

In addition, I have reached another milestone in my Ph. D. process by completing my final draft of my thesis this week.   My committee and I are ready to select internal/external examiners and start preparing for my defence, hopefully in July.  This journey has been very insightful and has been about a lot more than my thesis proposition. 

I have linked the following posts below because these posts also illustrate that  learners are learning a lot more about themselves in some cases then their actually area of study!

Check out the following blogs: Emily, Daniel, Jason, Richard, Kelly, Megan, Andrew and Raiya.

Have an inspiring read.


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