In-depth Week 16

Sharing our personalized learning!

We still have three more weeks until in-depth night! However, due to, for example, finishing last minutes details for our adventure trip, the trip itself and one science experiment report completion, we are wrapping up our in-depth blog posts with just one more.  These final posts illustrate how we are  presenting our five-month long learning journey .  Each presentation/ display/ performance should capture the essence of each project!

Enjoy a sampling of posts below that illustate the ways our learning is going to be shared with our mentors, family members, Talons alumni and future Talons, teachers, adminstrators and school district support staff on May 30th.

Jonathan juggling in the audience.   Jason carving fruit.

Rebecca immersing us in Spanish culture. David finalizing his costume.

Richard presenting an investment seminar. Meghan doing makeup.

Liam presenting one of his sparring matches. Elleni doing magic

Conrad playing guitar.     Michelle reading part of her story.

Megan’s ceramic art gallery. Toren sharing his music compositions.

Nick’s computer progamming for a game. Jonathan Z. and his bonsai trees.

Sara’s art gallery opening.     Iris playing guitar on stage.

Clayton projecting his movie. Jenn A. sharing her sustainability strategies.

Chelsea’s flexbility routine on stage. Kelly’s ballet stage performance.

Leanne presenting a Shakespearean monologue.

Louise sharing her wire crochet projects.

Derek is playing guitar.    Albert will share his home-made laptop.

Kelsey will share her bookmaking talents.

Stephanie will use her medical terminology.

Learn about webdesign from AndrewRaiya applying Mehndi for guests.

Jenna displaying her photography. Immy sharing her home-made paints.

Zoe sharing her martial arts skills.