Talons Program Science 9 and English 9 Final Exam

Grade nine learners researched, wrote, presented and recorded 6 to 10 minute TED Talks–their final exam for English 9 and Science 9 this year.  They share their understanding of a topic of choice connected to science 9 and/or science 10 learning outcomes, demonstrating their research and presentation skills learned in class during this past year. Powerpoint slides, video clips and/or a hands-on demo are added to illustrate their topic. As part of this project, they listened to five TED talks preferably related to their chosen field and learned how TED talks are structured and presented.  After having posted their own TED talks, they will comment on at least five of their peers’  TED talks, learning about five additional topics as well as furthering the discussion by leaving comments.  You find links to their posted TED talks below.  Please feel free to provide additional questions in the comment section of each edublog.

Richard discusses Panspermia

Sara discusses going green

Michelle discusses cancer and cancer treatment

Conrad discusses global warming and reproduction link

Megan discusses why we should not eat beef

Louise discusses oppositional defiance disorder

Toren discusses perception of time

Chelsea discusses dreams and memory

Alvin discusses steroids

Iris discusses lost memories

Jen  S. TED talk

Sepehr discusses stem cell research

Immy discusses superbugs in meat

Jen. A. discusses what gymnastics does to your body

Leanne discusses instinct

Emily discusses terraforming Mars

Derek discusses biolumminescences

Zoe discusses dopamine systems

Lexi discusses stem cells

Kelsey discusses spleen cancer

Macguire discusses how fear works

Stephanie discusses how light affects sleep

Jonathan discusses antimatter

Albert discusses technological singularity

Clayton discusses how we experience space

Daniel discusses collapsed lungs

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