In-depth projects Introduction (week 2)

In-depth Study: Two Universal Goals.

The in-depth project is the TALONS’ program final large component of the school year.  The in-depth project has two main goals:

1. Know something about everything and everything about something.

In school you are usually taught about many subjects.  In this project, the goal is to learn a great deal about one field of activity, usually not available in a school setting.

2. Learn what others tell you is important and learn what you decide is important.

In school you are told what to learn and how to learn it.  In this project, you will decide in what field and with what strategies, you will become an “expert.”


We are interested in three components of your study.

1. The process: as young people, you will be learning patterns of behavior that will emphasize your strengths and that will help you overcome any difficulties.

–          Project will last at least five months

–          Your bi-weekly blog will demonstrate the process:

Blogging Criteria

Post includes: thorough progress report, includes information on mentor, describes frustrations, overcoming obstacles, includes evidence that illustrates process and product, includes modifications to project, includes relevant research, quotes, articles, references, websites etc, shows a caring about project.  Entry makes sense, is written concisely. 4
Includes most of the above description, but in less detail. 3
Includes about half of the above description, but in little detail.  Little progress is demonstrated. 2
In-depth study is progressing too slowly.  Entry is vague.  Demonstrates that not much effort has been made since last entry. 1
Not completed or handed in on time 0

2. The product: The product will include three areas:

i.            The evidence of learning

ii.            The source of self-esteem

iii.            The cause for celebration


3. The mentor: The relationship with the expert in your field.  This relationship will include three areas:

i.            Meeting with mentor on regularly basis

ii.            Expanding network in community

iii.            Getting feedback on progress

iv.            Obtaining an in-depth understanding of chosen field.

The learner’s first entry this week introduces their project, reasons for their choice and a description of their mentors.


Sample in-depth blogs for this semester:

Immy introduces us to rowing and her mentor.

Victoria continues to explore her passion for ballet

Sam is making jewellery.

Having a mentor for in-depth is the critical piece.  Anyone knows a local drum teacher who could mentor Max?

Follow Katie on her journey of yoga.

Ventriloquism with Galen

View Julie’s prezi about the history of fencing

Learn cake decorating alongside Emlyn

Juliana is developing skills in soap making

Follow fashion design with Carlin

Jess is drawing web comics

Bhangra dancing with Aman

Jeffery is taking advanced first aid

Alphabet photography with Alysha

Tie knots with Hayley

Driving lessons with Stephanie  

Learn to animate alongside Christina

Take golf lessons with Conrad

Sara will share her learning with photoshop/graphic arts

Screen writing with Richard

Once upon a time there was a writer called Megan

Learn alternative guitar from Sepehr