In-depth Week 16 (only two more weeks until show time)

It is hard to believe that it has already been four months of exploring a particular passion, of expanding our horizons and of experimenting with new skills. The in-depth celebration on May 28th from 7- 1o pm is a little over two weeks away and only a few days after returning from a five-day adventure trip to the Squamish region.  These two events, in-depth night and adventure trip, are two of the five pillars for our program.  The June orientation, fall retreat and eminent person night are the other three significant milestones in our program every year. This last post is an opportunity for TALONS learners to reflect on their learning and to describe their learning centre, station, activity or stage presentation.  It is an chance for you to preview this amazing evening, filled with laughter, learning and lively conversations.


Hope to see past, current and future Talons learners and their parents enjoy  this culminating evening of two or one year of program participation. See you soon.


Megan’s insight on two years of Talons and in-depth wrap-up and more writing.

A final analysis by Richard about his screen play.

Vincent is experimenting with fruit flies.

Victoria teaching ballet.

Rowing with Immy.

Cake decorating with Emlyn.

Double-kicking the drums with Alvin.

Jeff learning and teaching First Aid.

Play badminton with Derek.

Song writing with Iris.

Know tying with Hayley wraps up.


Quirien Mulder ten Kate

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