T.A.L.O.N.S. Program

TALONS is a unique program in Coquitlam School District, tailored to gifted learners in grades 9 and 10 to address their unique needs by integrating English, Social Studies, Math, and Science, as well as Leadership and Planning curricula. This model allows learners to make connections between diverse subjects through practical experience only possible in an interdisciplinary program. Each of the four core academic subject areas features opportunity for enrichment at the honours level. As the future continues to require that learners are autonomous, understand their strengths and how to realize their potential, TALONS follows the Betts Autonomous Learner Model to meet the cognitive, emotional and social needs of gifted learners.


TALONS facilitates the personal growth and development of the individual learner. TALONS learners each develop and incorporate their own knowledge and skills, learn independently and apply this knowledge to the entire scope of their learning experience and to their life. The class enacts a learning community which aids each learner in becoming an Autonomous Learner, defined as one who solves problems or develops new ideas and higher level thinking, functioning with minimal guidance in selected areas of endeavor. TALONS learners engage in the following Autonomous Learner stages:

Þ Understanding your giftedness & potential

Þ Connecting with other learners of high ability

Þ Developing learning skills and interpersonal skills

Þ Investigating possible career interests

Þ Completing several mini in-depth studies, one eminent person project and one long-term in-depth study per year

Þ Planning and experiencing cultural activities, community service learning opportunities and outdoor recreation

Þ In the other two blocks per day, TALONS learners have access to their electives.


What does TALONS look like?

Year 1 (2 blocks per day each year)

English 9H; Socials 9/10H(1) ; Math 9H; Science 9/10H(1) ; Planning 10; Leadership 11

Year 2 (2 blocks per day each year)

English 10H(3) ; Socials 9/10H; Math 10H(2), Science

9/10H; Planning 10 (cont’d); Leadership 11(cont’d)


(1)   Socials and science are on a two year rotation.

(2)   Math 11 online can be taken after completion of

math 10.

(3)  With teacher recommendation, TALONS learners may challenge the Eng10 Provincial Exam in January of grade ten, and work toward English 11 credit in the spring.

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