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Vulnerable Harmony

The world is a vulnerable place.  A place filled with uncertainty, struggle and unknowns.  I like to reflect on a life that is exactly the opposite. I like to dream and to think big.  I like to change things for the better.  I like to see others change things.  We all have a part to play.  We are all part of it.  We need to see what is possible and make a difference. I include everyone who cares and like them to include me.  Why are there so many divisions and disagreements?  I walk away from some of them if I can.  I try to negotiate others.  Some of them I let go off entirely.  Harmony may also not be possible.  If everything is in harmony, it is in equilibrium, quite boring and unstable. Harmony is too much of the same thing and not enough variety or diversity.

Quirien MtK