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In-depth Week 14

In-depth projects are also an opportunity for Talons learners to teach others.  We learn best when we can teach “it” to someone else.  When they tell you, “I get it!” then you know you got “it” too.  Talons learners may present short seminars to the entire group. Check out Liam’s post for an excellent example. Or, they may teach the entire earth science 10 unit to their peers in small sections per quad. In the latter case, they wrote lessons plans with objectives, materials, outline what the teacher teaches and the learners learns, assessment strategies, timing of parts and so on.  These lesson plans looked like professional teachers’ lesson plans.  They taught the lesson alone or in pairs.  The grade tens looked and sounded like professional teachers in term 3 when they presented lessons on thermal energy, climate change and plate tectonics.

Blogs are another tool to share succintly and to teach others what they are becoming experts in. 

Like to learn to play electric guitar? Check out Conrad’s recent post.

How about some magic? Read Elleni’s post.

Juggling is challenging. How about unicyling at the same time?  See Jonathan T.’s post for more info.

Ever wondered how computer games are designed, read Nick’s blog.

Throughout many of their in-depth projects, learners also explore possible careers (Planning 10) related to their topic.  Check out Andrew’s blog.